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Ok, I feel like I really hit the game little too hard, yeah I said it is a bad sequel and I stick to that, but I did not really explain why I said it is still good, so now here is about 3 more paragraphs of why the game is AWESOME!

Ok, the game has been improved in many ways, there are MORE GUNS and Borderlands was all about the guns, the game was basically gun porn, but in Borderlands 2 it is a lot more than gun porn, we have a new amazing story explaining backgrounds to a lot of characters, not only that but the game's charm, its humor, is also a lot better, almost EVERY darn character is as funny as the last, from CL4P-TP to Scooter to Marcus, even Handsome Jack, the villain is really funny and that's GREAT, the game's humor is so good, and its not just the NPCs that are funny, the game is full to the brim of hilarious easter eggs, such as a Rakk-man who is clearly mean't to be Bat-man and even the the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have their own easter egg mission.

The game's mechanics have improved though some stayed the game, the new characters have more diversity in their skill trees, giving them extra features, these ones have things such as using phaselock to revive downed teammates, this was in the last game, but its presence is a lot stronger in this one. The customization I mention, it has been improved with the ability to collect skins for both yourself and vehicles. Another little something I liked was that it was made clear that you barely do jobs from a bounty board now, you take a few but compared to the last game the bounty board almost becomes obsolete.

Handsome Jack maybe the best villain I've went up against in a long time, his constant jabs at you through out the game are great, but they really make you love to hate him, he was written so well, but not only is he great to hate, he is also quite witty and funny, and by the end of the game you may find yourself have mixed emotions for the guy, that you've come to like him in all of his condescending wit, Jack is a really great villain and plays so well into the game, all in all you get to the point where you hate Jack so much you just want to flat out kill him... luckily the game give you 87 BAZILLION ways to do so.

So you need to understand that I do love this game, it truly is great, but that doesn't change the fact that it is Borderlands 1.5 not Borderlands 2.

It may seem a little late but I've been playing Borderlands 2 so much that I really haven't had time to sit down and think of a review. ANYWAY

Borderlands 2, the Co-Op "shoot and loot" sequel to Borderlands, now a great man once said "a good sequel leaps off the original spreading silvery wings to explore uncharted skies while a bad sequel spends most of its run time motor-boating the originals titties, and rubbing its head in the gravel" Yeah I just quoted Yahtzee what of it?! Yahtzee gives a good point, Borderlands 2 as a sequel isn't that good, Borderlands 2 as its own game its as fun and as good as the last one, maybe even more so, but as far as being a good sequel it fails in that department, but let us take a look why!

Borderlands 2 takes HEAVILY from its predecessor, now that isn't a bad thing, I mean Borderlands was really fun, but with that being said nothing was really added to the formula, it's like Gearbox made soup and were like "Hmmm! What delicious soup" and then when the time came to make the sequel because everyone was "bored" (hehe Borederlands) of the old soup they just went "Hmmm? We could add more GUN!" and so Borderlands 2 was born. Now I'm not hating on Borderlands 2 the story was GREATLY improved from the last one in many ways, and of course since the main aspect of the game is GUNS why not have more, but really nothing has changed, it's almost like one really long DLC, sure we have new characters but they're really similar, and sure we have new guns but only with a few new gimmicks, and yeah there is a new type of vehicle but they took out the three other vehicles, so really they haven't added much. Anyway let us move on to the story where the game DID improve.

So the plot is simple, You are one of four vault hunters here on Pandora was there has been word of a new vault, since the last vault opened a new rare mineral known as eridium has been found, Handsome Jack found and sold this eridium and became the president of the Hyperion corporation, He wants all vault hunters dead, we also learn that there maybe new vaults full of treasure rather than huge tentacle monsters. You are taking the Hyperion train when you are attacked by Hyperion president who is known as Handsome Jack, and might I add he is a very handsome man, so he attacks you on the train, then the train crashes and you manage to escape alive, you awake to see a CL4P-TP or Claptrap burying dead bodies when he notices you are alive, he wants your help to get to a city known as "Sanctuary" while getting towards Sanctuary Handsome Jack notices you're alive and puts a bounty on your head of $1,000,000, we also learn that Handsome Jack is digging his way to the new Vault, after awhile you learn that Handsome Jack wants to take over Pandora and get rid of bandits and vault hunters and such, he wants to rule Pandora, we also find out there is a resistance against fighting against Handsome Jack who are in Sanctuary and that their leader is none other than Roland, from the first game, Once arriving in Sanctuary you do a few missions, meet everyone and become a member of the Crimson Raiders, the resistance to take Handsome Jack down.

I don't want to spoil anything but from what I've said from the story it's a solid foundation, there is a president of a major company trying to take over the world and wants you dead, and you have to stop him, compared to the last story it is a much better, also noted that its comic-relief is still really funny.

So how does Borderlands 2 handle? well...exactly the same as the original, even down the car controls, They added a few gimmicks to the guns and grenades that might spice up how to play slightly but NOTHING major at all. They did add minor character customization, you can change their head and get several different attires, but they are all really just different color schemes, some have writing on or symbols but most are just palette swaps.

Borderlands 2 as a sequel isn't a good, its not bad, its just the same game really.
Borderlands 2 as its own game, really fun, solid game nothing bad, but with that being said, with barely any changes it's only a smig better than the original

If I were to give this game a rating out of 10 it would probably be 8/10 it is good, but as a sequel not much changed, and if you didn't like Borderlands, then you ain't going to like Borderlands 2. It was more of a give more to the fans thing. anyway I'll probably come back to this review after I play the upcoming DLCs

If you feel I didn't really get my point across what I'm trying to say is; "It is a bad sequel but it isn't a bad game" if you don't understand why it is a bad sequel you may be interested in watching this; Yahtzee's review of Borderlands 2

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