Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hero 2 Hero - Spider-man 2 Batman

Hero to Hero, what is this new series? well its a series where we take two heroes to look at them side by side, it doesn't matter what universe they are from whether it be Marvel or DC.

Today's "Hero 2 Hero"

Spider-man & Batman

Already we have a striking similarity, their names, but that has little importance, why I choose to put these heroes side by side is because their story, Batman watched his parents being gunned down in front of him, the justice system did nothing against it so he took it upon himself, now in the Marvel universe that would of turned Batman into a villain, as for Spider-man he didn't have any interest in using his powers for good nor evil but he failed to stop a criminal who later killed his Uncle Ben, who was the closest thing he had to a father, so Spider-man devoted his life to helping people not because he wants to, because he knows he has to, if he doesn't who will, now similarly with Batman who protects Gotham not because he wants to, because he has to.

Both heroes lost important family members but on top of that both heroes have had quite a good amount of Character development and change compared to other heroes, Batman has been through many side-kicks, some who have become villains due to events, for example Jason Todd who became the Red Hood, basically Batman has changed quite a bit depending on the personality of each new Robin, all who have also had their own large amount of character development like how Dick Greyson became leader of the Teen Titans, and then he later became Nightwing, and Jason Todd became the Red Hood. As for Spider-man over here he too has went through a large amount of character development, if not the most in the Marvel universe, Peter Parker has not only been through High-School and College but has had two jobs; one working for Dr.Connors who later becomes Lizard, and one working at the Daily Bugle taking picture of Spider-man or well himself... Peter also has had many relationships that have progressed, he even got married to Mary-Jane Watson, now this isn't to say that other characters aren't as developed, just that these Characters are a little more developed than many others, and that they are quite similar even though at first glance you wouldn't think it at all.

Another similarity between these characters and my favorite similarity as well is there reason, the reason they are heroes, these characters are heroes because they have to be, not because they want to be, both Batman and Spider-man would hang up the robes any day if they could and in some situations they actually do, but they know that they have to be heroes because if they aren't then who will be?  the world could always use more heroes. This really adds to their character as it adds a realistic sense to them, realistically being a superhero is really hard, and most people wouldn't be able to cope with being the hero all the time, like when Peter Parker lets the thief run past him after his wrestling match, he didn't feel like he had to be a hero because it wouldn't effect him, it was only after that same thief killed his Uncle Ben that he realized that he has to be a hero, it wont always benefit him, he'll always remember that with great power comes great responsibility; that means if you have the power to do something you have a moral obligation to do it, it is a responsibility. How does Batman fit into this category? "well criminals strike fear into the hearts of good people, they rob, frighten, and murder families, well it's time they started hiding in fear, its time they learned fear, my fear, so what they did never happens to anyone ever again especially some poor kid, this is my vengeance, to frighten the indecent away from the innocent." - Tyler pretending to be Batman, the writing here is excellent of course, it truly sounds like it came from Batman, has put up the robes before, I am particularly talking about in the Christopher Nolan films, Batman had become a wanted vigilante, he was also wanted for the "death" of Harvey Dent, even though Gotham hated "The Bat", claiming "The Bat" had ruined Gotham and increased crime, Bruce once again became Batman when the time called, Gotham was at risk from a threat it could not handle and Batman knew that it was his responsibility to save Gotham because Gotham needed a hero, Gotham needed "The Bat", and even after all the ridicule he had been put throw by Gotham, he still returned when they needed him the most, he saved Gotham because he had to, now course he wanted to, but it could be said that Bruce Wayne has enough money to leave Gotham, he had secluded himself from Gotham already, so what did he have to care about? That is my key point here, both Spidey and Bats don't always want to be the hero, but they know that they have to be.

Thanks for reading comic fans, this TheNerdyGamerNerd signing out!

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