Sunday, 17 February 2013

Why the "Valve Movies" might not be so great.

Valve, probably one the greatest game companies in the business if you ask me, up there with the greats like Nintendo and Rare... you know before they were bought by Microsoft... (We do not speak of such dark times)

Valve has had many successful game franchises, such as Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress, yet the most successful franchise without a doubt is the Half-Life series. The internet loves them and we all await the promised third installment in the series, but with that being said that doesn't mean that credit should not be slathered all over other Valve games such as Portal, the Portal franchise is my personal favorite, not just for its hilarious but ominous atmosphere but also for its brain scratchingly good game play. I love myself a good puzzler, especially a first person puzzler.

So when I heard that Valve and J.J Abrams had been in the talks for a Half Life and Portal movie I was excited, but then I got to thinking... these are going to be hard movies to pull off. I mean, both protagonists are mutes in the games, and making them talk could somewhat ruin the film, at least in terms of how true it is to the series. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not saying there hasn't been a good movie with a slight  (silent?) protagonist before, I can think of a few ways they could pull this off for example: if they were sent from the prospective of Freeman/Chell having their inner thoughts as narration but I believe that might be a really hard way to pull it off. Another way is to just have narration over particular parts, in Half-Life there are many characters Freeman will meet, who could fill in for the talking, as for Portal, well Chell spends her time listening to GlaDos in Portal, and Wheatley in 60% of Portal 2 as well, but otherwise not much talking there.

Now I think the way they might go with it is to not base the films on the characters Freeman and Chell, and use other characters to tell either the same story or maybe even a new story, its completely possible to have a Portal film starring Ratman the famous test subject who left all those cryptic messages in the hidden locations, and for the Half-Life film, well I cannot really think what could be done for that one, why don't you tell me your ideas in the comments.            Jawn Freeman

These are just a few things I had in mind, I really do hope the films turn out great, if not at least worth my money, but no matter if they are as great as the games they originate from, or as awful as that time you decided to rent Batman & Robin starring George Clooney, either way these films will be worth my time and yours too, so keep your eye on these films.              THE GODDAMN BAT CREDIT CARD

Oh also... why is J.J Abrams so popular all of a sudden? I mean the guys good but he got like 4 big jobs in a matter of months, I don't get it?...

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